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Ideal Supplies offers a wide variety of environmentally safe industrial cleaning products along with a full line of lighting supplies.

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Garbage Fresh

Garbage Fresh is an extremely versatile, environment friendly, highly concentrated household cleaner developed to tackle tough messes and eliminate foul odors that form in areas such as kitchen drains, septic tanks, RV’s, trashcans, concrete, fabric, carpet, tile, and grout: also eliminates pesky drain flies.

It was formulated to liquify and digest solid waste and build-up in areas where mold, dirt, sludge, and bacteria grow, and since it is biodegradable, Garbage Fresh can be safely used both inside and outside the home.

“I used Garbage Fresh in a kitchen trash can that contained a lot of organic matter at the bottom. It completely removed the organic matter and freshened the trash can. The trash can looks like it did when i first bought it. This stuff is amazing”


Chris Swain
Minneapolis, MN



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